Friday, March 13, 2009

Twitter Visualization Challenge - Day2-4

Oh wow! Only on Day 1, I've been lucky enough to get Direct Messages from my fellow Twitters:,,,,,,

Thank you guys for your kind words of support & encouragement! I'm truly grateful.

Right at the start, I knew I needed help. A push, listening ears, a tap on the shoulder to nudge me on. A kick in the butt too probably! Who else to get all these from, but 1st & foremost my Family, then my Friends, and of course, my Followers, without whom it'll be a lonely journey.

That's why I made my intention to manifest my dream Motorized Bike public. I text my hubby about it. Told my 8yr old Nadia & got her all excited. Twitter about it & keep my Followers up to speed. I even set up this entire new Hypnotic Visualization site to blog about it.

In a Nutshell, I just gave myself a very public personal challenge, which I called my Twitter Visualization Challenge 101. Why 101? Well if, erm I mean 'when', all this works out, I'd probably consider going for a 102, 103, 1001...why not?

Today I went down to 2 bicycle shops to check out what's available in the market. Hoping to get to test some out as well. The 1st shop was rather disappointing. The (husband & wife) owners were pre-occupied with their sales figures (I suppose) in the computer than saying 'hello' when I entered. No matter to me. I will definitely not buy anything from them, but that will not stop me from looking around & getting the information I wanted. Thus, I 'bugged' them on all the specifications I'm looking out for; colors, accessories, prices, etc.

The 2nd shop I went to, the (also husband & wife combo!) owners were pretty warm & chatty. Unfortunately they were about to close when we arrived. I didn't get to test any but managed to compare prices.

Anyways, what I discovered from my 2 visits kind of shocked me a little. I found out that over here, those electric bikes that looked very much like motorcycles, are not approved by the LTA (Land Transport Authority). The body structure has got to look like a conventional bicycle. Man, there goes my orange bike! Or even the other two for that matter. They're those photos I pasted on my blog post yesterday. Guess I gotta remove them huh, sob sob..


Yeah, I plucked out these pictures from the net too. Really do not know how else to.

See You tomorrow on Day 5!
Find out what I do tomorrow to get closer to my Dream Electric Bike!
26days more to go..

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Anonymous said...

These look awesome too. They're also probably alot lighter, considering you'll be having 2 kids on pillion..