Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twitter Visualization Challenge - MANIFESTED!!!


Item Manifested: My Dream Electric Bicycle
Date Manifested: Day 15 (24 March 2009)
How Manifested: ..well, read on!

Hubby was at work, called me to look out for the mails. He's expecting a cheque for some consulting work he did for a personal contact last month. I got that mail, with the cheque as expected. It was generous but I've seen this before so I stuffed it back into the envelope. Then something slipped out. Another cheque! It was for $816. Hmm..what's that for?

When hubby came home, he didn't looked like he was expecting 2 cheques.
You see, I handed him the envelope with the bigger amount cheque..but I've hidden the extra one, hehe..

We were in the car after dropping Nadia off to her extra class.
Me: "What if, there is another cheque, could I have my Electric Bike?"
Hubby: (puzzled. obviously) "What cheque? Why?"
Me: "Nothing, just asking....(pause)..but IF so, could I?"
Hubby: (looked at me) "Hmm..but why? What cheque?"
Me: "Just asking. Just answer."
Hubby: " I don't know, I can't promise. Can't promise on something which is not there."
Me: "I'm not asking you to promise Anything. I'm just saying 'what if?' That's all."
Hubby: "I don't know. Don't want you to be disappointed."

Can't stand this any longer. So I said, "alright, alright! I found another cheque in the envelope. What is that for?"

Hubby: "Hmm? ..Why didn't you tell me?"
Me: (grinning) " can we got to the Bike Shop now?" (grinning)

Hubby turned the car and drove to...the Bike Shop! Just like that!

Hubby did 2 consulting jobs for a contact. A 2day and a 1day. As the amount on the 1st cheque was rather generous, more than we expected, we thought it was for both the 2 jobs he did. Well, apparently the 1st cheque was only for the 1st job. The 'extra' cheque was for the 2nd job. Wow!

Strange Twist No.1:
I opened up the mail with the cheque on 24th March. But if you take a real close look at the cheque, notice that it was dated 10th March? THAT was the day I actually made the decision to Visualize my Bike, Opened up this Blog, Posted Pictures on it and Announce on Twitter my Visualization Challenge 101 to my Family, Friends & Followers! Hubby's contact must have gotten some telepathy thingy tuned right into my 'Request to the Universe' and he picked up on it right away!

Strange Twist No.2:
The model of Electric Bike that I've kind of finalised on, 2 days before I got it, costs $850.
The amount on the 'extra' cheque was $816.
That is like, I practically got just what I needed!

Haha, I got Nadia blindfolded just before the bike shop owner delivered it to our place that evening. She was at her extra class when me and hubby went to the shop remember? So she didn't know.
Look how thrilled Nadia was when she saw the Bike!
That's me! Posing with my New Toy!
I love how the motor/battery/whatever, looks like. The seat is installed with a Security Alarm. When I switch it on, anyone who touches or sits on the seat will activate the alarm. Isn't that just fabulous.
It has a Cycling Speed of 25-28km/hr. Just nice for me. Cool lights, very bright. Speed button at the handle. A white basket. Battery charges for 6hr and can be used for a couple hrs of continuous usage (I think..I forgot what the shop said) before the next charge.
They gave me this red helmet as a gift.


1. It's brand new and much too precious for me to leave it outside the house, of course!
2. It was in the living room at first, My Showcase. But...Farah, my 1yr old, can't stop using it as her latest obstacle course to perfect her climbing craze..dangerous..
3. So there it goes, in the bedroom..sigh..

Hubby got some extras for me; mirror on the right handlebar (for me to do my make-up he said!). Some tape bands thingy (don't ask me, it's hubby's). With delivery charge of $15, it all totals $890. Hubby paid a $90 deposit and we settled the balance of $800 when they delivered it.

I can get used to it though..Thank you to all my Friends & Followers for all your Support & Encouragement!
Nite Nite!

I will be off the computer till Sunday. When I come back on Monday, I'll start posting on my other Manifestations that I mentioned in my very 1st post. And hmm..I'll probably think up another Visualization Challenge too. Kind of addictive..


Alaskan Pie said...

More please. I'd like to learn the ropes too!

Anonymous said...

Been following yr updates since u began..u were nervous then.
Great you got it going well. Awesome

Anonymous said...

Have you been doing this sort of thing before or is this the 1st time?

bijouxboutique said...

I knew you would do it, congratulations, what's next?
Thanks for leaving the lovely comment on my blog, and yes that's my 2 1/2 year old son, he was a gift to me at age 40! So be careful what you wish for! I also have an 18 year old son and a 16 year old daughter.

I'm definitely going to be visualizing something again now, I know it works but I just sort of lost my way for a little while, I'm getting back on track now.

SquirrelQueen said...

Very cool bike. I look forward to learning more about your methods.

Small Footprints said...

Wow ... congratulations! What fun! I love the whole visualization manifestation thing. It works (as you well know). Enjoy your bike ... can't wait to hear what comes next!

BTW ... thank you for following Reduce Footprints. I'm going to follow you, as well, and add you to my blog roll.

Take care (and have fun on your new bike).

Small Footprints

Linda S. Socha said...

It does work! Great to see you actually using it in action!

Mishu said...

Great To hear your success story. Keep on rocking. And also let us know about your further development in your activity.