Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twitter Visualization Challenge - Day9-13

Thank you to:,, my blog Followers, my personal Friends & all those of you who have DM me on Twitter.

Collected more information about the exact features and specifications of the different models. I'm very particular right to the details. Well, I was informed that the more pricey ones are way too fast for my comfort. Ouch!!

They are fantastic yes, but with a young child and a baby on pillion, THE ULTIMATE SPEED is definitely NOT my priority! So there goes my $1300-$1500 range..sigh.

And that leaves me with the slightly slower models (25-30km/hr). Wish there are slower ones (scaredy me, hehe) but it seems this doesn't exist in the market. So anyway, these types are going for around $500-$900.

Good News or Bad News? Hmm..

Look me up on Day 14!
Come on, don't abandon me just yet. I've got 17days more to go..
Still need all the support I can get.
Au revoir!


cindy techno said...

should you worry if it's good or bad news if you r confident about manifesting the perfect fit for you?

go with the flow.

wish you luck!

Anonymous said...

Just checking how you are getting along..making me excited about trying this thing for myself!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Way to go girl! 17 days more only!